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About Buying a New Hot Tub with Hot Tubs Galore

We are so proud to offer beautiful, new hot tubs at Hot Tubs Galore.

When shopping for a new hot tub, there’s much more to consider than simply the aesthetics of your spa, like colour and design. At Hot Tubs Galore, we’ve built up years of expertise to help you make an informed decision so your hot tub will last you a long time. Upon meeting you for the first time, we’ll have you answer some detailed questions so that we can narrow down your choices based on your personal needs, taste, and budget.


Here are some facts about hot tubs that will help to understand what really matters when it comes to purchasing.

  1. Performance has to do with engineering, science, and math.

All the technical stuff may sound theoretical, but there’s a night-and-day difference between a poorly-engineered and well-engineered hot tub.

  1. Comfort is largely a matter of personal taste.

A comfortable hot tub will be one that has a variety of seat shapes, depths and jetting placement to suit your taste and meet your needs at the moment. A nicely laid-out model will be more comfortable than one that’s been carelessly designed.

  1. Reliability has to do with the quality of the parts and equipment.

There are high-quality and low-quality versions of almost everything, including jets, valves, dials, pumps, motors, heating elements, thermostats, motherboards, topside controls, cushions, o-rings, etc. Obviously, the higher end parts/equipment will be more dependable and reliable than the cheaper alternatives.

  1. Insulation Value has more to do with the cover than the hot tub.

If you’ve seen a thermal/infrared photograph of a hot tub in the cold, you’d see that most of the heat from a hot tub escapes through the top. So much of the promotional hype about a particular brand’s insulation is a moot point if the tub doesn’t come with a high quality cover.

  1. Longevity has to do with materials and production techniques.

Premium materials and good production techniques result in a long-lasting hot tub, while “economy models” that cut corners at the factory to lower the cost of production results in a much shorter life.

  1. Durability has to do with how well the physical structure of the hot tub holds up over the years.

The frame and skirting design, materials and workmanship can either repel disaster or roll out the red carpet to premature rot, rust, corrosion and deterioration. Cheap shell materials, poor production methods, bad designs, and sloppy workmanship can lead to fading, cracking, blistering, delamination, crazing and sagging after time.

Upon making your final decision for your new hot tub, we know you’ll be thrilled with your decision, having been properly informed of all the options available to you. And don’t forget…our new hot tubs come with a factory warranty, with the coverage depending on each individual manufacturer.

If you’d like some more information, please contact us today! We are ready and wanting to help!

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